Summer help can be 16 and work for Lyon County

Summer workers can sometimes be hard to find. Tuesday the Lyon County Board changed their policy to allow 16-year-olds to apply. “Every place in the state is having a problem with jobs for young people,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson.

He made a motion to allow teenagers 16 and above to apply for jobs.

“Just so people supervising the staff know what they are doing,” added Commissioner Charlie Sanow. Commissioner Gary Crowley questioned the policy on coverage for any 16-year-old who are injured on the job.

“It will be covered by Worker’s Comp,” said Administrator Loren Stomberg. “By lowering it to 16, I think you’ll have a lot more applicants,” said Commissioner Crowley.

“I think it’s a good thing” he added. “Just in the last three days we’ve had four applications, three 18 and one 17,” said Human Resources Director Carolyn McDonald.

“We’ll be moving on with the applicants we have,” she said. But the 16-year-old policy is now in force when needed.

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