Ole Pappy

Monday was Vince LeGare’s 86th birthday. He wasn’t there to celebrate it. My good friend Vince passed away about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, leaving me with a hollow, empty feeling.

Ole Pappy

I got the most wonderful letter this week from Jess Gronke. I’m giving up my column this week so you can read it.

Here it is: My three sons wrestle

Ole Pappy

As the television anchorman in Raleigh, North Carolina delivered the news about a “Very cold, cold front,” moving into the northern states, I sat in a comfortable, warm home provided by my son Josh

Tyler Peterson and I

Ole Pappy

I’ve had some nice opportunities to meet people in my life — like the time I interviewed Hank Aaron, the great baseball player. But last weekend, while not on that scale, was a special treat.

Ole Pappy

Somebody clever is always coming up with, “National this Day,” or “National that Day.” There are more special days than there are icicles on a cold, blustery Minnesota Day.

Flooding at Doc Merritt's farm.

Ole Pappy

A few weeks ago, we printed a photo from the past about flooding in the Minneota area. The photo cutline said it was on the Merritt property.


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