Ole Pappy

I got the most wonderful letter this week from Jess Gronke. I’m giving up my column this week so you can read it.

Here it is: My three sons wrestle

Ole Pappy

As the television anchorman in Raleigh, North Carolina delivered the news about a “Very cold, cold front,” moving into the northern states, I sat in a comfortable, warm home provided by my son Josh

Tyler Peterson and I

Ole Pappy

I’ve had some nice opportunities to meet people in my life — like the time I interviewed Hank Aaron, the great baseball player. But last weekend, while not on that scale, was a special treat.

Ole Pappy

Somebody clever is always coming up with, “National this Day,” or “National that Day.” There are more special days than there are icicles on a cold, blustery Minnesota Day.

Flooding at Doc Merritt's farm.

Ole Pappy

A few weeks ago, we printed a photo from the past about flooding in the Minneota area. The photo cutline said it was on the Merritt property.

Ole Pappy

While harvest time is an exciting time of year when farmers take in the crop that is their lively-hood, it is also a dangerous time of the year.


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