Coach Molly Hennen (right) shook hands after the game with her sister, Morgan Hennen.

Abby/Morgan win 'Battle of the Hennens'

"One of my players said to me, 'Why don't you tell your sisters not to hit the ball so hard,'" chuckled Molly Hennen.

She was having one of those moments in life worth savoring. Sure, her re-juvinated Lac qui Parle Valley volleyball team just lost to the No. 2-ranked team in the state, the defending state champ, Molly's former team and Molly's two sisters — Abby and Morgan.

"But this is the best I've seen them play," said Coach Molly Hennen. The final result, 3-0 Minneota extended the season record to 4-0 and the sets won to 12-0.

The final scores were: 25-17; 25-12 and 25-11,

But none of that mattered much ... this was the, "Battle of the Hennens" and everyone was enjoying it.

"I told our girls we had nothing to lose," said a smiling Molly Hennen.

Well, she did lose more than the game .... perhaps also the bragging rights to her two Viking sisters, who were up to their elbows in continuing Minneota's winning ways.

"We kicked her butt," laughed Abby Hennen, who was enjoying the victory over her sister. "We talk (about it) more when we play them," Abby added. After that, the rivarly will be forgotten as Minneota continues its season and Molly tries to continue to steer the ship on course after a one-win season last year. They already have a win over Ortonville.

"We like beating Molly," chuckled Morgan Hennen. Abby Had nine kills, Morgan eight. Abby also blocked two for points and had eight digs.

"We knew they would be tough. But it was more fun this year (last year she was the assistant coach and watched her sisters beat Lac qui Parle Valley)," said Molly.

"I joked about telling my girls to serve at them — pick on them," but she added, "Abby and Morgan were really good."

For Molly Hennen, "It was a lot of fun."

She said her team spent time working on how to play Minneota.

"We knew they had big girls up front who could block — so we spent time with devices to block shots so they'd know how to react," said Molly.

"Actually, our girls have been talking about this (game) since the first week in practice," said the LqPV coach.

She liked the way her team reacted. "Maybe we have to play better teams to play better," she smiled.

As a team, Minneota had 40 kills, served up five aces and had five blocks at the net. Maybe something there Molly Hennen's young chargers could learn from.

"We put it on Morgan and Abby's shoulders. They were feeling it tonight," said Minneota Coach Hayley Fruin.

She added, "When you're ranked No. 2 in state, you have to play like it."

They did — ask Molly Hennen.

MINNEOTA will play Friday and Saturday in the Marshall Challenge. They open against Burnsville tonight.

KILLS: Natalee Rolbiecki 10, Abby Hennen 9, Morgan Hennen 8.

SERVING: (No., good, aces) Ireland Stassen - 13-10-5; McKennea Yost 19-19; Rolbiecki 13-13.

BLOCKS: Abby Frie 2, Abby Hennen 2.

SET ASSISTS: Ireland Stassen 10, Yost 23.

DIGS: Yost 15, McKenzie Tolk 10; Abby Hennen 8.


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