Ireland Stassen block the ball back toward MACCRAY.McKenna Yost sets the ball.

BAM! POW! KABOOM! Vikes No. 1

There was this old Batman and Robin TV series that featured loud and on screen action words such as, BAM, POW AND KABOOM!!!

Tuesday night recently dubbed No. 1-team in Class A used about every powerful word possible in smashing their way to a 25-11; 25-7 and 25-14 win over the MACCRAY Wolverines.

It pushed their record to 9-1 on the year and 3-0 in the Camden Conference — and maybe dubbed Abby Hennen and Natalee Rolbiecki as Batman and Robin.

The duo smashed their way through each set, dominating the net — while MACCRAY players could do little but watch the ball whiz by.

In the first set Ellie Pesch went to the serving line with an 8-2 lead. When she left, this match was in shambles and the Vikings led, 19-2.

Along the way, Abby Hennen had seven kills, Rolbiecki three plus a block for a point and Abby Frie gunned down two more kills.

It was an impressive show of "sharpshooting" at it's very best.

Little changed in the second game, except Rolbiecki led the kill department with five while Hennen had four and blocked a shot. Frie added two more kills and a block while Pesch served four more straight points.

All the while this SMASH, BANG stuff was happening at the net, a pair of young setters were happily finding their "top guns" for points. Setters Ireland Stassen and McKenna Yost were "spot on" all night — delivering balls to be THUMPED ... time, after time.

And patrolling the net with pin-point accuracy, blocks and little dings over for points was Abby Rost. She was in a "cleanup mode" and exacted her damage on the unsuspecting Wolverines.

At the same time, Coach Hayley Fruin was getting all her reserves into the game and they made a difference. Reese Gillund came off the bench for a couple of nice hits and block; McKenzie Tolk had some nice digs and passes from the back court and Madison Sorensen and Lyzah Sussner both had some nice serves.

Abby Hennen took over in the third game as well, with four more kills and a block to end the game with 15 kills and a pair of point-scoring blocks. Rolbiecki ended with 12 kills and a pair of blocks.

Minneota will play a 7:15 p.m. game Thursday at Renville County West.

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