Isaac Hennen comforted Tate Varpness as the Lakeview star felt the pain and snuggled on his coaches shoulder.

A Déjà vu moment for Isaac Hennen

The game was unsettled. Minneota was leading by just two points and a trip to the Section 3A finals hung in the balance.
Suddenly, with time running out, Lakeview’s Tate Varpness  drove toward the basket, stopped and shot — with the ball ringing through the net.
The game was tied.
For Isaac Hennen, his mind began to float back to an earlier time.
“Back in eighth grade we were ahead by three points and Tate Varpness came across the middle line and threw the ball up. It was right there,” he said, pointing to a spot about three feet over the mid-court stripe.
“He tied it up and the game went into overtime and we lost,” said Hennen.
And now, both are seniors and time was running out. Had Varpness done it again to Isaac Hennen and his teammates?
“I was having a Déjà vu moment there on the court,” said Hennen. “That moment never left me,” he said.
Suddenly, Tyson Sonnenburg appeared beside Hennen to congratulate him on the victory.
Hennen laughed and said, “Ask him, he was there.”
“Yeah, I was coaching them and Tate hit that shot from right about there.”
Sonnenburg was pointing to the same spot on the floor Isaac Hennen had identified.
“Tate tied it up and we lost in overtime,” Sonnenburg related.
But this time, there was a different ending … one not in Tate Varpness’ favor.
Seconds after Isaac Hennen’s Déjà vu moment, his team had 5.5 seconds and in a timeout decided to use Thomas Hennen as a decoy and send the ball to freshman Jacob Hennen.
He got it, turned, shot, then watched the ball hit the back of the rim, hang on the edge for a brief second, then fall in to give the Vikings a 53-51 North Section 3A Championship.
So what did Isaac Hennen do?
Oh, he celebrated, lifted his cousin Jacob high into the air — then thrust both hands into the air to show his joy.
But suddenly he turned serious and walked over to the Lakeview bench, where Varpness, his long-time nemesis, had his face buried into the shoulder of his Coach Jared Keaveney. Tears of pain streamed down Varpness face.
Hennen leaned in to Varpness and in a moment of tenderness, Hennen consoled Varpness, who looked up at him, and touched him back.
For most there would be only the moments of celebration. But that’s not Isaac Hennen’s way.
For that final moment he knew how Varpness felt — because he felt that way way back in the eighth grade.
Time had come full circle for Isaac Hennen and Tate Varpness.
There would be no more Déjà vu moments.

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