Morris, Dumont in state

The Morris Eagles and the Dumont Saints emerged from the Section 9C Playoffs and they will represent the Land O’Ducks League and Section 9A in the state starting this weekend.

Dumont came all the way back to defeat Morris in the first game on Sunday, 5-1, But then Morris defeated Dumont in the second game, 4-2 to get the No. 1 ranking going into state. As a result, Dumont will play Bird Island at 11 a.m. Saturday in Maple Lake.

Morris won’t play until the following weekend when they play the winner of the Stark vs. Watkins game at 11 a.m., Sunday, August 25 in Delano.


1. Kenyon-Wanamingo

2. Medford

3. Mayer-Lutheran

4. Minneota

5. Water-Elysian Morristown

6. Mabel-Canton

7. Ada-Borup

8. Caledonia

9. Carlton

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