Rolbiecki has 5 surgeries

What started out as a serious football injury for Landon Rolbiecki has turned out to be a continuing saga the family hopes will end soon. A fifth (and hopefully final surgery) will take place this week in Sioux Falls.

“He will likely remain in Sioux Falls through the week and will continue hyperbaric treatments twice a day to give his tissues the best possible chance of recovery,” wrote his mother Karen Rolbiecki on the family Facebook account.

“He will have a fifth and hopefully final surgery to completely close the final incision with a graft,” she added.

Rolbiecki originally was taken to Avera Hospital in Marshall but, “Wednesday the decision was made to send him to Sioux Falls for more advanced care,” his mother wrote.

Rolbiecki had surgery No. 3 on Thursday to relieve pressure in his muscle compartments. “He has sustained nerve and muscle damage,” she indicated.

The bone is fixed and not of concern, the concerns lies with the nerves and muscle tissue damage.

“He has been having regular hyperbaric treatments to hopefully help improve the healing process,” said Karen Rolbiecki.

On Sunday morning he underwent surgery No. 4 that involved the closing of the incisions (for the most part).

“There was also a nerve specialist present that released the pressure in the ‘nerve canals’. There has been no change in his muscle tissue in his alterior compartment, which is good in that it hasn’t deteriorated,” said Karen Rolbiecki.

She explained the current condition of the muscles.

“At this time, it is up in the air as to when or if this muscle will heal. The nerve release caused the nerve that bends the ankle and the outside toes to ‘fire’ and work.”

At this time, Landon has movement, which wasn’t present before. The nerve that raises the foot and the first couple toes remains inactive, which is no change.

“Overall, this was much needed and positive news,” she said. Plans for this week are that he will likely remain in Sioux Falls through the week.

Rolbiecki, a linebacker and running back, was injured in the Lakeview game while trying to stop a blocked kick.

Others landed on his leg, causing the injury.

Landon Rolbiecki

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