Viking baseballs get one-sided win

Minneota’s Landon Abraham walked off the Dawson-Boyd baseball field with a dislocated finger.
He returned after the finger was set into place and watched his teammates score 17 runs in the fifth inning enroute to a terribly one-sided, 30-9 win over the Blackjacks to lift their season record to 3-0.
After sliding into second base, Abraham came up with the crooked finger. He’s been playing with a sore shoulder, a left-over football injury so it was initially thought the shoulder was bumped. He apparently indicated there was no pain initially, but nobody could be found in the audience to straighten the finger, so his parents were called to take him to the hospital.
Apparently there was some pain after it was straightened.
The injury immediately pressed Cole Sanow into action in Abraham’s right-field position and Coach Keven Larson, left without another reserved, had a call put in to JV Coach JD Pesch to see if his team was finished playing and could rush extra players to the varsity game.
He and the players eventually arrived but were not needed.
A 17-hit Minneota attack, coupled with 18 walks off four Blackjack hurlers created a one-sided outcome.
Dawson-Boyd actually fought back from a first-inning 5-0 deficit and trailed just 13-9 after three innings. The highlight was a long home run to left field by the Blackjacks Tyler Franzky.
All the fireworks came off starter Brant Buysse. After Jacob Hennen relieved, things settled down and the Blackjacks didn’t score again.
The fireworks erupted off the Minneota bats all afternoon.
Here’s the Vikings Boxscore:
Viking                   AB R  H    RBI
Sam Buysse        3    3    1    2
Jaymes Moon      3    2    1    3
Ted Pesch            5    4    4    2
Alex Pohlen         3    4    1    3
Austin Sorenson  4    3    1    3
Thomas Hennen  3    6    3    4
Landon Abraham 2    3    0    1
Cole Sanow         1    1    0    1
Brant Buysse       4    1    2    3
Jacob Henndn     4    3    4    5
    Totals              32    30    17    27
Jacob Hennen picked up the win on the mound and had a four-for-four day at the plate with five runs batted in and three runs scored; His brother Thomas was three-for-three with six runs soared and four runs batted in.
Teddy Pesch had four hits and Brant Buysse and Jaymes Moon each knocked in three runs.
The Blackjacks Nick Thompson went 2-4 with three runs batted in. They had seven hits and five runs batted in.

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