Cole Sanow broke loose for 219 yards on 19 carries and scored touchdowns on runs of 47, 40 and 4 yards against Sprinfield.

Vikings "played very well," said coach

Maybe they never see him coming.

At only 5-8 and 210 pounds, sophomore Beau Banish may get overlooked by opponents.

But that would be a grave mistake. The little "bowling ball" of a tackle continues to "bowl down" quarterbacks and wing backs like a well-placed curve in a bowling alley.

"He and Ty (Lipinski) did a good job of collapsing the line," said Coach Johnston after Minneota defeated Springfield, 47-16.

"They did a lot of good things," the coach added.

While this may have been Minneota's most complete and satisfying win to date, it certainly was a coming-out party of sorts for the defensive line.

Banish and Lipinski collapsed on Springfield quarterback Decker Scheffler to the tune of two sacks each and were "johnny-on-the-spot" behind Logan Sussner when he added a sack to the torment Scheffler suffered.

Without a running attack to support him, Scheffler did much of the running for the Tigers and tried to break down the Minneota secondary by sprinkling 47 passes for 217 yards on Minneota's "patched up" defensive backfield.

But while the Vikings bent, they didn't break — except that once, when Scheffler hooked up with senior speedster Isaac Fink for a 70-yard touchdown pass.

It came after Minneota built a 12-0 lead using their own razzle-dazzle, a 50-yard bomb from Thomas Hennen to Alex Saltzer and a four-yard touchdown run by Cole Sanow.

While Springfield's "bomb" exploded in their faces, it did nothing more than rally the Viking offense.

They ripped off three more first-half touchdowns to take a 40-7 advantage into halftime. Cole Sanow ripped off a 47-yard run, Blake Reiss scored from nine yards out and Sanow came back for his second electrifying run of 40 yards. He would total 219 yards on 19 carries for the game.

"All-around, everyone played very well," said Coach Chad Johnston. "They executed well," the coach said about his team.

"It always helps when the front four put pressure on the quarterback," the coach added. Banish and Lipinski led Cole VanOverbeke, Shawn Buysse and others as tthey, "All got to the quarterback and broke 'em down," said Coach Johnston.

Springfield got four catches and 131 yards from Fink, who became the focus of the Minneota secondary after his 70-yard touchdown pass. After that Scheffler had to spread the wealth and use a variety of receivers for short-yardage gains.

Reiss was limited on offense because he got banged up early, but he contributed with seven tackles and was part of the defense that shut down the Tigers.

Springfield     7    0    2  7  —  16
Minneota       19  21  0  7  —  47
First Quarter
Minneota-Alex Salter 50 pass from Thomas Hennen. PAT- Run failed.
Minneota-Cole Sanow 4 run. PAT- Pass failed.
Springfield-Isaac Fink 70 pass from Decker Scheffler. PAT-Tim Rogotzke kick.
Minneota-Cole Sanow 47 run. PAT-Sebastiano Beraldo kick.
Second Quarter
Minneota-Blake Reiss 9 run. PAT-Beraldo kick.
Minneota-Sanow 40 run. PAT-Beraldo kick.
Third Quarter
Springfield-Safety. Ball hicked out of bounds.
Fourth Quarter
Minneota-Tate Walerius 16 pass from Thomas Hennen. PAT-Beraldo kick.
Springfield-Ivan Hovland 39 pass from Scheffler. PAT-Rogotzke kick.

Team Statistics
Minneota                            Springfield
19        First Downs           14
2-5       Penalties/Yards     5-30
0-0        Fumbles/Lost       1-0
37-265  Rushes/Yards       27-37
164        Passing Yards      2-17
429        Total Yards           254
Individual Statistics
RUSHING (No., yds.) Minneota-Cole Sanow 19-219; Blake Reiss 4-27; LaShad Smith 2-18; Thomas Hennen 7-12; AJ Josephson 3-5; Austin Sorenson 1-0; Kade Lozinski 1-minus 16. Springfield: Scheffler 14-14; Mason Rummel 7-12; Hovland 2-8; Kadin Johnson 1-2; Joseph Andrson 2-1; Other 1-0.
PASSING: (No., comp., int., yds.) Minneota-Thomas Hennen 13-8-1-164; Kade Lozinski 1-0-0-0; Sprinfield-Scheffler 42-`7-0-217; Dylan Batzlaff 2-0-0-0.
RECEIVING: (No., yds.) Minneota-Saltzer 2-68; Landon Rolbiecki 2-48; Sanow 1-17; Walerius 1-16; Reiss 2-15; Springfield-Fink 4-131; Jordan Kieper 3-43; Hovland 4-41; Jake Rosenstengel 1-9; Rummel 3-3; Other: 2-minus 10.
KICKOFFS: (No., yds., avg.) Minneota-Rolbiecki 8-293-36.6; Beraldo 1-25-25.0; Springfield-Batzlaff 2-67-33.5.
KICKOFF RETURNS: (No., yds.) Minneota-Smith 1-13; Walerius 1-9; Springfield-Johnson 3-9; Tori Helget 2-7;  Preston Moen 2-7; Hovland 1-12.
PUNTS: (No., yds., avg.) Minneota-Saltzer 2-70-35.0; Springfield-Batzlaff 4-239-34.75.
PUNT RETURNS: (No., yds.) Minneota-Hennen 1-0; Other 3-7; Springfield: Kieper 1-0.
TACKLES (Solos-Assists) Minneota: Shawn Buysse 3-6; Ty Lipinski 3-6; Reiss 2-5; Beau Banish 1-4; Cole VanOverbeke 1-3; Saltzer 4-0; Sanow 3-3; AJ Myhr, Justin Johnson 1-1; Hennen, Sorenson, Walerius, Mitchell Rost, Joseph Rybinski, Layne Lozinski 0-1. Springfield-Leonard -2; Rummel 3-3; Johnson 2-0; Fink 2-12; James Ploeger, Helget 2-1; Others 12-9.
SACKS: Minneota-Lipinski 2, Banish 2; Sussner; Springfield: Leonard 1.
TACKLES FOR LOSS: Minneota: Sanow, VanOverbeke; Springfield Ashton Danielson.
INTERCEPTIONS: Springfield: Hovland.

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