Senior High Viking Valor winners for January are: (Front row, left to right) Cecilia Rabaey, Ireland Stassen and Yan Din Suter. Back: Alyssa Engels, Amos Tu and Katie Walerius.

High School January Viking Valor winners

Senior High Viking Valor winners are:

Seventh Grade: Ireland Stassen

Eighth Grade: Alyssa Engels

Ninth Grade: Katie Walerius

Tenth Grade: Cecilia Rabaey

Senior: Yan Din Suter

Senior: Tsung-Tai Tu (Amos)

A true standout athletically is Ireland Stassen. She gives her best effort in all activities and dominates in all sport/game activities. She does not shy away from a challenge and strategically approaches game situations. At the end of a class, Ireland is always ready to help put away supplies. Above all, Ireland is kind and respectful to her classmates.

Alyssa Engels is a very good student who is very pleasant to have in class. She does excellent work and is always willing to answer class questions and share with group discussions.

Katie Walerius is very pleasant to have in class. She not only is very involved in the classroom activities but is very helpful and willing to do whatever is needed.

Cecilia Rabaey is a wonderful student. She is very insightful and has very intelligent thoughts and opinions about the difficult topics that we discuss in Health Class. During PE class, she was always very helpful and would always stay behind to help put away equipment.

12th Grade: Yan Din Suter and Amos Tu

We appreciate how these two young men are willing to give 100 percent to every activity that we try in Fitness for Life class. Not only do they put their best effort into workouts, but they seem to really enjoy the experiences!

They ask questions and really want to improve their physical well-being.

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