The Third/Fourth Grade Star of the Week was Leo Hennen.  Congratulations Leo!

St. Edward School Happenings

Ms. Elizabeth Miller

In Third, Fourth and Fifth grade Religion: We are continuing to learn about the different vocations God calls us to. We finished the movie The Reluctant Saint, about St. Joseph of Cupertino. This simple and clumsy monk can inspire us to continue to do the right thing, even if others persecute or make fun of you.

In Third Grade Reading: We are learning about the different types of sentences and making projects that help us to understand them. Our class is also actively listening to The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

In Fifth Grade Reading: We are reviewing our subjects/predicates and compound sentence concepts and continuing our leveled spelling work. We do a lot of work in our small groups and we appreciate the help that Grandma Susan Johnson provides!

In third and Fourth Grade Science: We are moving into our study of tools — especially measurement tools. We’re looking forward to our opportunity to do our internet research by using the iPads!

In Third and Fourth Grade Social Studies: We are starting to learn about how to locate places on a map — especially by using terms like “absolute location” and “relative location”.

Ms. Claren Novotny

In geography, the seventh and eighth graders learned about the Bosnian War in connection with the recent trials of war criminals of that conflict.

Mrs. Mary Ann Horner

Seventh and Eighth grader religion classes are busy preparing for the season of Advent. We listened to Fr. Mike Schmitz speak on Advent. We discussed the question, “If Jesus came today, would there be room for him in your life?”

We discussed how busy our lives get with stuff, and Jesus is sometimes the one left out. We are all working this Advent to make sure that if Jesus came today we would have room for Him in our lives.

Star of the Week

The Third/Fourth Grade Star of the Week was Leo Hennen. Leo is 10 years old, and a Fourth grader at St. Edward School. His parents are Brad and Barb and he has five brothers and three sisters.

They live on a farm by Ghent. Leo’s favorite food is pizza and his favorite subject is Gym. The best books Leo has read are the Michael Vey series.

His favorite sport is football and he likes Snickers candy bars.

Congratulations Leo!


  • Dec. 7 –Manor Visit grade 1 & 2
  • Dec. 8 – School Mass – Grade 2
  • Dec. 10 – Advent Prayer Service in Tracy – 2 p.m.
  • Dec. 11 – Student council meeting
  • Dec. 12 – Afternoon performance of Christmas Concert 1:30 p.m.
  • Dec. 13-Evening performance of Christmas Concert 7 p.m.
  • Dec. 14-Manor Visit grade 3 & 4 Special Friends visits, AR prizes
  • Dec. 15-Special Friends visits

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