St. Edward School Happenings

Mrs. Allison Peterson

Kindergarten began learning about animals and talking about living and nonliving things. They are also working on comparing numbers by playing the card game war. They LOVE it!

Mrs. Jackie Skillings

The first and second graders enjoyed a nice Easter holiday. The students are learning about oceans and continents in social studies. They drew baby chicks and eggs to display in our room. First Communion is fast approaching and the second graders are excited about their upcoming Eucharist retreat. In math, the first graders are studying adding 9 and measuring with feet.

Mrs. Robin Traen

Second graders are subtracting two digit numbers using dimes and pennies. Third graders are identifying units of weight and mass: ounces, pounds, tons, grams, and kilograms. They are also estimating the mass of an object. Fourth graders are comparing and ordering fractions, decimals and mixed numbers on a number line. Fifth graders are learning about perimeters, area of squares and re tangles and circumference. The third and fourth graders have turned in their Peeps Project. After reading a book, they made a scene from the book using marshmallow peeps! They turned out great!


April 11 - No Mass (Liturgy of the Hours)

April 12 - Manor visit Grade 3 and 4

April 13 - All school play performances 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

April 14 - 1st Communion Retreat

April 16 - Family Life presentation

April 17 - Library NWEA testing begins Education Committee meeting

April 18 - School Mass Grades 6, 7, 8

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