Elemementary Viking Valor kids are: (front row, left to right) Grace Horner, Carah Gillund, Ava Buysse, and Gracelyn Van Watermeulen. Back: Ryanna Waldner, Wyatt Moorse, Tyler Welsh and Elizabeth Vierstraete.

Viking Valor

November Elementary

PreK: Ava Buysse

Ava is an outstanding preschooler! She comes to school every day with a smile on her face ready to learn! She is also a great friend! She is willing to help out anytime and plays with everyone in the classroom! She ALWAYS uses her manners and isn’t afraid of a challenge! Way to go Ava, keep up the great work!

K: Gracelyn Van Watermeulen

The Kindergarten teachers are excited to nominate November’s Viking Valor Student of the month. He or she can be seen showing Viking Valor in the classroom by following our classroom rules and meeting high expectations. He or she does a great job listening when the teacher is talking, working hard at his or her task, and raising his or her hand to share her thoughts with the class. This student’s voice can be heard loud and clear when participating and giving his or her all in the group activities. He or she always has a smile on his or her face and his or her happy personality is contagious. Keep on showing the Viking Valor Attitude…Gracelyn Van Watermeulen!

Grade 1: Carah Gillund

The student we are nominating in 1st grade is always trying their hardest in school. He or she is a thoughtful student with a kind heart. This person is a good friend to other students, gets their class work done, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He or she comes to school with a smile on his or her face, ready to learn each day! This person is a great friend to others and is always willing to go the extra mile to help a classmate and teacher and always has a positive attitude. This person not only works hard to be the best student he or she can be, but also tries to be a friend to everyone in the classroom. This person treats everyone around her with respect. She is a wonderful role model for other students. Congratulations, Carah Gillund!

Grade 2: Grace Horner

The second grade teachers would like to recognize a student who is creative, kind, and hard-working. This student pays attention to the details in his/her work, especially during art class. This second grader has started challenging themselves by reading chapter books. He/she uses AR time wisely and is on track to making their AR goals. Showing Viking Valor through organizational skills is also obvious. If you want fashion advice, she is the one to talk to. Thank you for showing Viking Valor.... Grace Horner.

Grade 3: Wyatt Moorse

The third grade teachers would like to nominate a student who goes above and beyond in the classroom every day. He/she is constantly showing respect to his/her classmates throughout the day by quietly waiting to start each activity and not distracting others during work time. He/she shows honor by always keeping their work area clean and picking up after him/herself. He/she demonstrates high expectations by trying his/her best in all subjects with a positive attitude even when it may be difficult. This student also displays Viking Valor in the rest of the building by being respectful to other classes by walking quietly in the hallways. Way to go, Wyatt Moorse!!

Grade 4: Elizabeth Vierstraete

The fourth grade teachers would like to nominate a student who is exceptionally kind and polite. This student is always saying please and thank-you and is willing to help any one out. In the classroom, this student always tries his/her best and will ask questions if he/she doesn’t understand skill. He/she will also complete all assignments on time even if that means working at home also. This person also shows Viking Valor in the lunchroom and hallway. Way to go, Elizabeth Vierstraete!

Grade 5: Tyler Welsh The 5th grade teachers would like to nominate for our student of the month someone who is always ready and willing to do their best. This student meets high expectations every day. They are very organized and always prepared for their day. When this student meets a challenge, they always accept it. We never hear this student complain about a thing! He has a great sense of humor and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. He is always there for his fellow classmates. Congrats, TYLER WELSH!

Grade 6: Ryanna Waldner

The 6th grade teachers would like to nominate a student that is showing Viking valor each day in and out of the classroom. This student is always setting a positive example not only for under classmen, but also to his/her classmates. This student shows up to school with a positive attitude and is always quick to help anyone in need. He/she is a true example of a hard-working individual that pushes themselves to go above and beyond everything that is expected of them. We would like to nominate Ryanna Waldner!​

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