High school Viking Valor kids for November were: (front row, left to right) Teagan Welsh, Natalie Bot and Payton Gamrak. Back: Jared Josephson, Brant Buysse and Autumn Dovre.

Viking Valor

High School November

Grade 7: Autumn Dovre

Autumn not only works hard in class, she is also an active participant in class discussions. In addition, her classmates seek her out for help and she willingly gives assistance. Her pleasant demeanor makes her presence in class an enjoyable part of the day. Beyond being a great academic performer, she also performed well on stage as the title role in the school’s production of Annie.

Grade 8: Teagan Welsh

Teagan desires excellence. However, it is more than good grades that she works hard at; she also wants to understand and learn. Teagan is quick to ask why something is wrong and learn from a mistake. She is friendly in class and students feel comfortable seeking her help. Teagan doesn’t hesitate to get to work on student council projects when her help is needed.

Grade 9: Payton Gamrak

Payton is a vital component of any classroom discussion. She is unafraid to offer her opinion, even when it might be contrary to a majority of her classmates. Payton’s comments are thoughtful and expressed eloquently. She is not afraid to challenge another classmate or an instructor to provide evidence to back up a statement. In addition to her class work, Payton has given up many hours of her time cheering on the Vikings by bringing Mike the Vike to life.

Grade 10: Natalie Bot

Natalie is dependable as a helper as well as for consistent work in the classroom. She goes above and beyond for assignments, making sure to make thorough arguments and fill in any gaps of knowledge. She is a great mentor for her classmates who were gone or who are not understanding the material. Natalie shows respect to her teachers and the learning process. She upholds the value of high expectations through her various academic and extracurricular activities. Natalie is a natural choice for student of the month.

Grade 11: Jared Josephson

Jared is a hard-working individual. He has grown academically this past year and has shown himself to be reliable and consistent. Jared has high expectations for himself and pushes his own limits to see how high he can go. He is dedicated to preparing himself far in advance and making sure he is actually understanding the material; he wants to grow as an individual because he understands that this academic dedication will help him throughout his life. It is fun to have Jared in the classroom because he is hanging on the teacher's every word and seems genuinely interested in the goals of the classroom for the year.

Grade 12: Brant Buysse

Brant works hard in and out of the classroom. He is dedicated to doing his best academically and athletically regardless of the extra time it will take away from his personal time. Brant is an excellent vocal presence in the classroom, asking questions and taking part in discussions and debates, helping his classmates learn material more in-depth. As an individual, Brant is kind, courteous, and caring. He has a quick smile for his peers and teachers alike, upholding our standard of attitude and character. Brant is not afraid of hard work, and this character quality will take him far in life.

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